Interior Cleaning & Detailing


Interior Detail Cleaning

A complete cleaning of the entire interior of the aircraft to include the following services:

Headliner, side, decorative, and window panels throughout

Shampoo all carpet and upholstery Clean and recondition all leather

Polish all wood and wood veneers

Clean all mirrors, plexiglass and windows

Clean entry steps, baggage area





Clean and organize all drawers, pull and clean behind drawers

Clean and sanitize ice bins, drains

Clean and disinfect in and behind trash bin

Clean oven/microwave Clean dishes, coffee pots

Clean and polish sink



Clean and organize all drawers,

Clean and polish sink

Clean and disinfect toilet cabin

Clean and polish service ledges and tables

Clean and organize all storage areas, cabinets and magazine racks

Clean drink holders, record if necessary



Clean all instrument panels

Apply anti-static to screens

Clean drink holders, storage compartments

Remove all trash

Clean all seat track areas


Quick Turnaround Service

A light surface cleaning, designed to enhance the appearance of the aircraft for departure, to include the following services:


Interior Cleaning

Wipe all woodwork

Vacuum carpets and upholstery

Clean all mirrors, plexiglass, Windows throughout Exterior

Spot clean exterior

Remove bugs on nose

Clean exhaust track area

Clean windows


Wood Revitalization

Revitalize dull, dried finishes; rework veneered surfaces to provide a uniform appearance.

Services Continued..


All Cleaning products used are certified by the Aircraft manufacturer or by the Aircraft Industry.

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